A Real Experience where a team of 2-6 players is locked in one of our electrifying mysterious rooms and they have only 60 minutes to work together to Find Clues, Solve Puzzles, Break Codes and to get through different Tricks and Tasks To finally get their way out and ESCAPE!

Players should choose one of our available Themes to play; Each Theme has a different Location, Difficulty and Story or Mission that they have to complete before time runs out to be able to open the doors and escape.

If players fail to escape before time runs out, Doors will open automatically after 60 minutes.

There is an Exit Button in all our games (except horror themes) which opens the doors at any time of the game, if any player has any emergency to leave the game.

The Chamber Of Imhotep

The genius and master architect Imhotep built an ancient chamber for the biggest Pharaohs of his era. This tomb kept the real treasures and mummies hidden for centuries. But now you have the chance to find out what’s inside this mystic tomb. The players have 60 minutes to solve the tricky puzzles of Imhotep and to avoid his traps inside the game. The fully Egyptian style game needs a lot of logic and brain work from teams who want to beat the clock.

Difficulty Level - 3

The Room Of The Secret Agent

Somebody from our side stole the complete agent list of our agency, and he would like to sell it somehow. He did observations on us, and our members. We need an evidence about that, before we make further steps. Your mission is to find the agent list in the room and to find out who the double agent is. You only have one hour to complete the mission. As always, if you or anyone from your team get caught or killed, the agency will deny any knowledge of your actions or presence. Good luck, 009.

Difficulty Level - 4

The Haunted Gallery

Rumors say, up normal activities are going around here in The Art Gallery of Escape Room Hurghada where a very Precious statue is highly protected by laser. Lately, The Gallery has been closed as all guards were found killed in a strange way, only one mad guard survived and now he is keeping an eye on the gallery. Dare to enter with your team in that gallery to steal the statue and escape. You have only one hour before the guard comes back. But take care; he will be back as soon as he hears alarm in the Gallery.

Difficulty Level - 5

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Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms